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Sutton Grammar School pupils visit Oxford University after UK BEBRAS computer ch
Source: Nick Kituno

Three Sutton school pupils have been invited to Oxford University after reaching the final of a UK-wide computing challenge.

Sutton Grammar School’s Stephen Darby, Affan Rashid, and Cameron Field, visited after getting to the last stage of the UK BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge’s elite age group on January 27.

They were presented with certificates in a ceremony at Hertford College after finishing among the top 60 highest-achieving students in their age group, of which 5,174 students entered.

Sutton Grammar School’s head of computer science Sharon Corkery said: “We are very proud of Stephen, Cameron, and Affan.

“These boys were top computer science students at GCSE, and it comes as no surprise they have excelled in this competition while completing their sixth form studies.

“The world needs people who can master computational thinking, and I look forward to seeing where the future will find these young men.”

The UK BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge, supported by Google, is a problem-solving contest aiming to encourage students to become interested in computing and computational thinking.

Students had to solve as many problems as possible in an allotted time.

Schools held the first round, with the highest-scoring students from the four oldest age groups – elite, senior, intermediate, and junior – being invited to Oxford’s department of computer science for the finals over two weekends in January and February.


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