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Artificial Intelligence: The Robots Are Now Hiring
Source: Hilke Schellmann and Jason Bellini

Hiring is undergoing a profound revolution.

Nearly all Fortune 500 companies now use some form of automation -- from robot avatars interviewing job candidates to computers weeding out potential employees by scanning keywords in resumes. And more and more companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to assess possible employees.

DeepSense, based in San Francisco and India, helps hiring managers scan people’s social media accounts to surface underlying personality traits. The company says it uses a scientifically based personality test, and it can be done with or without a potential candidate’s knowledge.

The practice is part of a general trend of some hiring companies to move away from assessing candidates based on their resumes and skills, towards making hiring decisions based on people’s personalities.

Cornell sociology and law professor Ifeoma Ajunwa said she’s concerned about these tools’ potential for bias. Given the large scale of these automatic assessments, she believes potentially faulty algorithms could do more damage than one biased human manager. And she wants scientists to test if the algorithms are fair, transparent and accurate.

In the episode of Moving Upstream above, correspondent Jason Bellini visits South Jordan, Utah-based HireVue, which is delivering AI-based assessments of digital interviews to over 50 companies. HireVue says its algorithm compares candidates’ tone of voice, word clusters and micro facial expressionsCC with people who have previously been identified as high performers on the job.

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