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4 highest-paying computer science jobs
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Computer science is a dynamic and rapidly expanding field that has become an essential component of contemporary life. A degree in this subject will provide you a thorough grasp of ideas and new technology. With this knowledge and expertise, you’ll be able to create cutting-edge solutions to today’s problems.

By choosing a degree in computer science, you learn critical communication, analytical and technology skills you can easily transfer to other tech-based professions. The majority of computer scientists work on the theoretical side of computer systems, rather than the hardware side, which falls under the realm of computer engineering.

Known for producing some of the most successful university graduates in history — including Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Java developer James Gosling and the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings – computer science degrees are in hot demand today. As widespread and popular as a degree in this field is, it can be a lucrative career too.

Here are the four highest paying computer science careers:

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi speaks during an event. Source: Justin Sullivan/AFP
Software Architect

A Software Architect is a computer programmer or software developer who determines which processes and technologies the development team should use. As a Software Architect, you will also troubleshoot coding problems and collaborate with other experts to produce high-performance software systems.

You will be expected to possess extensive knowledge of software and different coding languages, as well as an understanding of design patterns and principles. The average annual salary for someone in this role is US$125,328.

Software Developer

You know that smartphone app you rely on? That meditation app that calms you down during trying times? That programme that helps you budget and track expenditures? Software developers created all of them. As a Software Developer, you will create new technology and designs after analysing user needs and developing programmes that meet those needs.

You will be expected to be familiar with computer languages such as HTML, C++, Java, Python, and PHP, in addition to a variety of operating systems. Typically, a Software Developer makes an annual average salary of US$107,510.
Security Engineer

A business’s computer network can never be too secure. Security engineering focuses on designing computer systems that can deal with disruptions such as natural disasters or malicious cyber attacks. Common tasks include identifying security solutions and implementing defense layers, configuring firewalls and detection systems, responding to network intrusion; testing new hardware and software, and regularly testing system defenses to preempt breaches.

Security Engineers are expected to respond to, and document, any security threats, resolve technical faults and allocate resources to deliver real solutions in a cost-effective way. Annually, a Security Engineer can earn up to US$99,834.
user experience

With a computer science education, you can apply for jobs with Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and more. Source: Lionel Nobaventure/AFP
Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Developers are responsible for designing, creating and maintaining mobile applications. They may work closely with computer engineers and analysts in using programming languages to develop the necessary specifications for software. They may also test, debug and improve mobile applications and often collaborate with design and product teams to do so.

A Mobile Application Developer must have a clear understanding of user experience (UX) in order to create an app that meets the expectations of the end-user. The average annual salary for this role is US$96,016.


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